The Modern Data Divide

Between GTM and DE

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What GTM wants

At the very least, GTM wants to be able to quickly visualize how the product is being used — where users are dropping off, what’s leading to activation, etc. — and personalize their outreach based on those factors.

What DE wants

It’s important to acknowledge that DE caters to the needs of all teams and not just GTM teams — the scope of work for DE is larger which definitely influences the data tools they choose.

Consequences for GTM

It’s reasonable to say that sooner or later, every company has to invest in the above process if they wish to maximize the value derived from data.

The Middle Ground

There are many factors at play when evaluating tools — implementation, scalability, extensibility, and interoperability. However, the most important is value. A powerful tool with insane performance and capability is no good if nobody uses it or derives value from it.

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