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What started about a year ago as a side project to share what I had learned has become a full-time endeavor for me — one that I have been enjoying more than anything else I have worked on before.

Data-led Academy (DLA) is a place to learn how to work with data and get expert answers to questions about data tools and technologies.

What’s the need?

The data space is fascinating and there is so much to learn. But at the same time, the space is evolving at a rapid pace, and keeping up is hard for anyone who is…

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How data moves through a PLG CRM

The previous issue had covered some use cases of activating data in sales, marketing, advertising, and support tools.

In this issue, I’m writing about an emerging category called PLG CRM — a reimagination of the traditional CRM for B2B SaaS companies adopting a Product-led Growth motion.

And continuing on the theme of Data Activation, this issue briefly covers how PLG CRM products enable data activation.

Disclaimer: Data-led Academy is vendor-neutral and the tools mentioned here are not necessarily the best tools in the categories they operate…

Simply put, it is the process of moving data

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What is Data Integration?

A quick Google search says, “data integration is the process of combining data from different sources into a single, unified view”. Sounds so simple right? But hey — since you’re reading this, you already know that such a narrow definition of data integration, to say the least, is reckless.

Before I jump into describing what data integration really means, let me assure you that this guide is not meant to convince you that a particular solution or technology is better than the others. …

Data for Change

Hint: It’s more than just making data accessible

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Google “What is data democratization” and you will see all the top results talking about “access to data” as the key to democratization of data (unless you found this one which is awesome).

Everything you need to know about the evolution of no-code

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Once upon a time, on a warm summer afternoon in a land far away — just kidding.

No-code is not a new phenomenon and the concept has existed for a long time.

However, in recent years, a concoction of ubiquitous connectivity and our proclivity for productivity has fueled the expansion of the SaaS industry like never before.

Software is eating the world — for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and folks like you and me are lovin’ it.

And this love for software, coupled with advancements in technology and a growing desire to build independent, profitable businesses, has fueled the current…

An Integromat Scenario

Growth-hacking was all the rage until it was displaced by product-led growth or PLG in recent times. At its core, PLG relies on eliminating the friction from experiencing a product and providing a superior customer experience, with a goal to reduce the time to value.

The foundation of product-led growth is a product well made.

After all, most companies begin with the idea of making a product great; very few have the foresight to build a great product that experiences explosive growth. …

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Every job requires tools to accomplish various tasks efficiently and in an error-free manner. Regardless of how knowledgeable or skilled one is, without the right tools, the output quality suffers and productivity goes for a toss.

If your content marketing team is struggling to produce the results you need to grow your business, read on to learn about the tools that can not only assist them but also make them unstoppable.

3 Experts Who Make a Great Content Team

A successful content team is a result of the right mix of people who complement each other. …

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A common problem faced by software companies is that customers are either unaware of some features or not sure how to use them. Each customer has a unique set of requirements which the product itself should be able to help fulfil.

While walkthroughs and product tours have worked well for the better part of a decade, today’s savvy customers like to get their hands dirty and try several tools before choosing the one most suited to their needs.

This is why a traditional product tour is seen as an obstruction rather than a guide; as a result, product adoption suffers…

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While the help desk software domain is highly competitive, it is also one that continues to experience growing demand. Today, companies around the world acknowledge that great support is quintessential to brand loyalty and advocacy, and that customer support is not merely a function but a core feature.

That said, due to the rise of chatbots and automated assistants as well as rapid growth in the number of channels for customers to communicate with brands, customer service software companies need to constantly add and maintain new channels and features to stay relevant.

Amio’s unified messaging API helps support software companies…

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Group communication apps are fundamental to the way teams collaborate and communicate today. While there is no dearth of modern team communication tools, it makes sense to dive deep, analyze and choose the one that is most suited for your business before investing in one.

We analyzed the four most popular communication apps for teams so that you don’t have to.

1. Twist

Positioned as a team communication app that concentrates on clear and structured conversations, Twist marks a break from the overwhelming cacophony of its competitors. With a needle-like focus on longer-form conversations that are organized into threads, Twist ensures that…

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